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1.  Describe your YouTube channel (content, video length, channel design etc.).
Kelsey & Kendra:  Our channel content is “All Things Beauty”! The length of our videos vary and depends greatly on the type of content featured.  We do various types of videos from Product Reviews, Get Ready with Me, Fashion Hauls, Monthly Favorites, and so much more.  So it really just depends on how much information or how many products we have to feature in that particular video.  Overall our followers love our long videos!

2.  Why did you decide to create a YouTube channel and how long have you been uploading videos?
Kelsey & Kendra:  We’ve been creating YouTube videos since 2009 in an effort to help others.  We got so many questions from people in relation to our hair, makeup, and just our overall sense of style that we decided to begin uploading videos to YouTube as a central place for others to get answers and inspiration.

3.  Do you consider creating YouTube videos your occupation? 
Kelsey & Kendra:  Absolutely! However, we did not create our YouTube channel with the intent of making it a career but it’s taken off so well that it’s no turning back!  The “FAVOR” and “OPPORTUNITIES” have truly been a blessing and has been immeasurable)  


4.  How do you gain and maintain your viewers?
Kelsey & Kendra: By being “Genuine”!  We feel that it is very important to be who God created  us to be!  We are very honest and real in our videos and our viewers like and appreciate that because it’s makes us more relatable.  We also interact with our viewers by answering questions and replying to comments.  Of course, it’s impossible to respond to everyone but we do our best.  If we could reach out and give every subscriber a “HUGE HUG” we would!  We get our viewers involved by allowing them to make video suggestions.  We do looks, hauls, and reviews lots of times based on most popular requests.  Last but not least we have “Meet & Greets”.  We absolutely “LOVE” meeting our subscribers in person as this is so rewarding for us.  It gives us a chance to be more personable.  


5.  How do you go about promoting your YouTube videos and has this changed since you first began uploading?  
Kelsey & Kendra:  The social media scene has been huge for us!  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat have all been very instrumental in helping us get the word out about new videos.  Also, YouTube sends out notifications to those that are subscribed to our channels which is a HUGE plus for alerting our followers on new video uploads.  Another large factor has been word of mouth from our loyal subscribers and brands we have worked with!  The only thing that has changed since we first began uploading is that IG, Twitter, & Snapchat platforms were not around in the beginning so we did not use these avenues to promote.

6.  When did you begin to see an increased amount of views and subscribers and why do you think that happened?   
Kelsey & Kendra:  After we passed our first milestone (100,000 subscribers), we seemed to notice that our following grew faster.  First, we know that without a doubt it happened because of God’s “FAVOR”!  But on our part we learned the importance of engaging our audience.  We began to learn and understand who our followers were (gender, ages, geographical locations, etc.)   We asked them for feedback to see what they liked or disliked about our videos and based on their responses we gave them what they wanted.  They spoke and we listened!  

7.  How often do you upload and how important is that time frame to the success of your channel? 
Kelsey & Kendra:  We upload “Consistently”!  We came up with a regular weekly (3 x) schedule for uploads.  This way our followers would know what day of the week to expect a new video from us.  (Consistency is Good!)  It goes along with the saying, “Out of site Out of Mind”.  When viewers see you upload regular, they are reminded that the Reviews are there, the Hauls are there, the Tutorials are there, the Information is there for them to take what they need and leave the rest!

8.  How difficult is it to produce original content on a popular site with similar videos related to beauty and what makes your channel different? Also, what is the production process like and how important is the quality of your videos to your channel’s success?  
Kelsey & Kendra: For us it has not been that bad because we’ve been doing it for some time now and have been fortunate enough to get our “BRAND” out there.  But for many others it’s becoming more difficult because of the popularity of making YouTube videos.  There are lots of new content creators out there which means that it may be harder for viewers to find your content.  We’re not saying that it’s been an easy road for us as we’ve put in a lot of “Blood, Sweat, & Tears” to build our brand to what it is today but we got in when YouTube was just starting to get popular.   
The production process can be a bit tedious at times. The reason being is that we do it all!  All people see is the finished product but there are a lot of things involved before uploading a video.  We come up with the idea, think and talk it out, come up with filming location (depends on what type of video for background), film (videographer), take pictures (photographer), edit (learn to use new and up-to-date editing software) for best quality, adjust lighting for great visibility, makeup-artist, hair stylists, wardrobe, gather, use and learn new products to be used in reviews. We continue to strive to make good quality content that our viewers can enjoy and is why we work so hard!  (Quality is key!)  

9.  Are you sponsored by any companies? If so, which companies and what is this process like? 
Kelsey & Kendra:  Yes, we have worked and partnered with BET, Essence, CoverGirl, Pantene, Dove, CLEAN & CLEAR®, Hairfinity, Carol’s Daughter, Curls and so many others! The process varies depending on what each company is wanting from us.  Sometimes we are required to film a dedicated video for a product and post on our Youtube channel. We do social media promotions on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, & Snapchat.  We do sponsored “Meet & Greets” along with product promotions. This process can be very broad as we collaborate in various ways with the brands we endorse.

10.  Explain the process of reviewing a product, in other words, how do you choose which products to review?
Kelsey & Kendra:  If we like a product we review it; if not we do not review it.  We like to be honest in all of our reviews because at the end of the day we realize the impact and influence we have on our followers and they value our opinions.  So we want to give the best review possible to help them determine if they want to try a particular product.  We also like economical!  We like to review and recommend products that are great but are also affordable to the everyday person!  


11.  What are the benefits of creating videos and uploading them to YouTube? Are there any downsides?

f so, explain.
Kelsey & Kendra:  Yes, having our own Youtube channels has it’s pros and cons just as everything else in life does.  It’s great being our own boss but at times it can be challenging!  Like we said earlier, we do it all and with that being said, we have to be and stay versatile and motivated!    We not only have a beauty channel but we are also co-founders of GlamTwinzTV, which is our Vlog channel on YouTube.  So we are constantly grinding to “Make our Mark on the World”!

12.  Would you say that uploading videos to YouTube has changed your life? If so, in what ways? Also, what are the biggest accomplishments that you have received because of this channel?
Kelsey & Kendra:  We would not say that is has changed us as individuals but having our own YouTube channels have made us more determined than ever to keep reaching and striving for success! One of our first accomplishments that made us “PROUD” was receiving our first “Silver Play Button” plaque from YouTube.  It felt really good, especially knowing all of the hard work we put in.  We’re striving for “GOLD” next!  Next, large accomplishment was being contacted by Black Entertainment Television (BET) to work as “Beauty Influencers” at the BET Experience and BET Awards with Covergirl and Pantene.  Also, HUGE for us was being contacted by Essence to participate in Essence Festival’s very first 2016 Beauty and Style Expo in New Orleans.  It was   really fun and we formed some really great relationships!   Lastly, we are so honored that we’ve been able to impact millions of people in the world in such a positive way! Now that’s truly a huge accomplishment as we know that it’s all about changing lives for the betterment of mankind!

13.  What advice would you give to an aspiring YouTuber? 
Kelsey & Kendra:  DO IT FOR YOU and NOT THE TREND and be ready to give it your all!

14.  What are your future plans in regards to your YouTube career? Would you continue with YouTube or venture out to other media outlets?
Kelsey & Kendra:  We will continue with YouTube but would love to get into Interior Design.  Having our own show on HGTV would be AWESOME!  The sky is the limit and we’re not slowing down anytime soon!  Watch us as we continue to #StriveforGreatness!  

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