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Say Goodbye to "Chicken Skin"

So Kendra and I have always been insecure about our "Chicken Skin". Or some people may call it "Strawberry Skin", but the correct term for this annoying bumpy skin condition is, Keratosis Pilaris aka KP. We only get it on our legs. This didn't make us very excited to wear cute shorts during the summer. We wanted to be confident when showing off our legs on those hot summer days. I started doing research on it years ago, trying to find something to get rid of it. I came across so many different creams and lotions claiming to get rid of the KP, but I still wasn't convinced. Then i discovered a technique that i had been using on my face for years. Good ol EXFOLIATING! Kendra and i started out using the St. Aves Apricot Scrub on our legs. That worked really well for a while and we noticed a pretty big difference. Staying consistent and exfoliating every single day in the shower became a game changer. But my legs still weren't as smooth as I would have liked them to be. So one day I pulled a "Kendra" and spent hours on Sephora looking at skincare products and came across the brand "DERMAdoctor".

The Dermadoctor KP Duty instantly caught my eye. So I had it in my cart for a few days and soon found out that Kendra had already ordered it. So i tried hers and was instantly hooked! Its an amazing body scrub with chemical & physical exfoliation. Its pretty much like having the benefits of a chemical peel & microdermabrasion in one jar. Both of those procedures are very pricey, so this product is a pretty good buy considering the benefits & the size.

When I first looked at the product inside the jar, i didn't think it would be abrassive enough for me. But don't let the creamy looking texture fool you. It most definitely got the job done!

It has a grainy texture when you actually put it in your hand and go to town on the area that's being exfoliated. In my opinion it kind of feels like a sugar scrub & a sea salt scrub in one jar.

In order to see noticeable results, you have to be VERY CONSISTENT! Using it everyday makes the biggest difference for me.

This paraben free exfoliant has made me forget what it was like to have Keratosis Pilaris. Its most definatly HOLY GRAIL status in my book!

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