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So lip liners have always been a great way to alter my lip colors and they give me the freedom to create my own combos. I can't remember what I did without them. To be honest I can't do the lip portion of my makeup without lip liners now. But I do know that the ones that I have to show today are no brainers when it comes to what shades to choose.


If you saw my last (Beauty post) about my favorite liquid lipsticks then you know this brand is a top fave of mine. The Kylie Cosmetics lip pencils originally came out with matching liquid lipsticks (Lip Kits), but over time she decided to sell the lip pencils as well as her other lip products separately. Thank God because I go through these lip pencils way faster than i do liquid lipsticks. I get back ups all the time, because this formula is one of a kind. They feel so smooth and creamy on the lips, almost like creamy lipstick in a pencil form. The pigmentation is out of this world and they glide on so easy. Also really long lasting, sometimes I even wear these alone with no liquid lipstick, I just fill in my lips with them.

Top to Bottom: True Brown K, Ginger, Pumpkin

True Brown K : Self explanatory ( my #1 pick) Great base for any nude shade (DUPE)

Ginger: Terracotta warm nude

Pumpkin: Warm fall tone orange ( Isn't sold in a single yet)


So MAC is the OG brand of all makeup brands in my opinion. I actually started out with MAC when i first started using high end makeup. Of course the lip products were one of the first that I've tried. They have so many color selections. But when it came to lip pencils these shades rose above the rest. Although the formula is a tad bit drying, not gonna lie, these 2 colors are irreplaceable for me.

Top to Bottom: Chestnut, Nightmoth

Chestnut: Warm rich brown ( ride or die) ,Super long lasting, pigmented (DUPE)

Nightmoth: Vampy rich plum/eggplant ( Great for fall & winter) (DUPE)

Remember, there are no rules when it comes to what lip combos to mix. Whatever looks good on you is the right mix.

xo Kendra

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